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Re: Syntax regarding "Exec" instruction in .desktop files

On Lu, 01 iun 20, 20:33:28, l0f4r0@tuta.io wrote:
> 1 juin 2020 à 20:03 de andreimpopescu@gmail.com:
> >
> > Question for you: how much would it have taken you to write that into a 
> > script compared to the time you spent trying to get the quoting right?
> >
> HaHa, of course the latter is much more time-consuming than the former 
> BUT the former makes me more knowledgeable.

Some knowledge is more useful that other. Given limited time, in my 
opinion, it makes sense to (try to) pick the useful one[1].

> A workaround/bypass expedites the issue for sure and can sometimes be 
> satisfying when particularly clever, but it prevents you from 
> understanding the machinery.
> I tend to implement workaround when everything else fail.

In this particular case I consider the script option to be the optimal 
one, not a workaround, if only because it's easier to maintain (a proper 
script has structure and comments).

Unless you exercise your knowledge of quoting regularly you might find 
that months later, if you need to tweak or fix that Exec= line you have 
to re-learn what you did now.

Your system, your rules :)

[1] for me that means "with practical applications"

Kind regards,

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