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Re: Syntax regarding "Exec" instruction in .desktop files

Hi Andrei,

1 juin 2020 à 20:03 de andreimpopescu@gmail.com:

> On Lu, 01 iun 20, 17:34:10, l0f4r0@tuta.io wrote:
>> 1 juin 2020 à 15:25 de wooledg@eeg.ccf.org:
>> > I would not even *attempt* to do what you are trying to do here.  Your
>> > life would become enormously simpler if you would just put this shell
>> > script inside a file, and Exec it as a script.
>> >
>> > Attempting to in-line a shell script inside an Exec= line is madness.
>> >
>> Interesting. Is it madness because it becomes too much complicated to 
>> write it easily and correctly according to the official specifications 
>> (namely quoting/escaping...)? Or for different reasons?
> Yes :)
> Question for you: how much would it have taken you to write that into a 
> script compared to the time you spent trying to get the quoting right?
HaHa, of course the latter is much more time-consuming than the former BUT the former makes me more knowledgeable.
A workaround/bypass expedites the issue for sure and can sometimes be satisfying when particularly clever, but it prevents you from understanding the machinery.
I tend to implement workaround when everything else fail.

Best regards,

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