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Re: Return a Debian system to a pristine state

Marco Möller wrote:
> The problem remains to simply remove a couple of packages without having 
> to go for a full blown system reinstall and all the necessary 
> requirements for organizing it well. As there is a package manager, it 
> is obviously a straight forward logic to expect it to do this job, 
> because this is exactly what a package manager is expected to manage.
> All other suggestions which have been brought up in the thread are 
> workarounds for filling the gap where the package manager is not full 
> featured.
> The short answer to this thread is that unfortunately Debian is not 
> prepared with a simple solution for this simple task, but sophisticated 
> workarounds are needed.

  Debian is fine as long as there is a partition image
program that functions when needed.

  when it was important for me to have this sort of
backup and restore of a pristine Debian system it worked
well for me.

  i am now at a spot where i don't need that sort of
functionality so i don't do that any more.


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