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Re: Return a Debian system to a pristine state

this has been an interesting topic, so what the hell, here's my two cents.

for my vm's, i have a list off packages that i install as soon as the minimum/base install and reboot is done.  4 vm's, testing, stable, centos7, opensuse.  i have no gui's on these only cli, just need to know how to configure things for other os's than debian and it becomes a simple cut and paste to get a system to be at what i need.

have a home partition, not just a home dir, and back it up often with a timestamp on it, and do a --get-selections and dump it to a file that you back up also. also doing that is an easy way to compare what was installed and what is now installed.

keep sensitive config files in a spot that you know is going to be backed up or on your home partition so they aren't overwritten with a new install.

there was a suggestion about using a live distro to make a back up right away, never done it before, yet this is a great idea.

i believe that someone (smarter than me) could write a simple script to put all user installed programs into a file and then reinstall them after a full-reinstall.
check if su
add package to list
continue with the install

take care

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