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Re: scp overwriting precaution?

Greg Marks:
> When using scp to copy files from my server to my laptop (both running
> Debian 10 and both with the same directory tree), I like to back up
> the files in case I discover that I've overwritten a newer version of
> a file with an older version.

Fully in the spirit of not actually answering the question you asked,
you may want to take a brief moment, step back and think about what you
are actually doing.

Do you often copy files between one or more systems? Would you like to
keep a set of (smallish) files in sync? Would you like to selectively
have access to a subset of files from a bigger set of large files on
your server, which unfortunately does not fit completely on your laptop?

If so, it might be advantageous to look into a version control system
like git, or its descendant git-annex, or something easier like unison.

Also, you should be able to restore important files from your backup at
any time. If you cannot do this, for whatever reason, that should be
your top priority (wrt to computers :)).

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