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Re: scp overwriting precaution?

On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 09:48:40PM -0600, Greg Marks wrote:
When using scp to copy files from my server to my laptop (both running
Debian 10 and both with the same directory tree), I like to back up
the files in case I discover that I've overwritten a newer version of
a file with an older version.  (I seem to make this mistake about once
or twice a year.)  To this end, on my laptop I've defined the following
"get from server" function:
If I discover that I've made a mistake, there's a backup copy in /tmp.

Reading between the lines, you don't have a proper backup solution in
place, otherwise the action to take when you made this mistake 1-2 times
a year would be to restore from your proper backups.

My advice is to prioritise setting up a proper backup solution, pursuing
your actual question is a distraction from that.

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