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Re: looking for a nftables gui

On 26/02/2020 17:54, Stefan K wrote:

we're looking for a nftables gui/frontend.
We want to create a simple firewall (port/ip blocking) I took a look at vuurmuur[1], but it just support iptables. Does exist some other solutions?

We don't want to config it via cli or config-files.

Thanks for help!
best regards

[1] https://www.vuurmuur.org/t

Hello, I believe "firewalld" fits your needs, it as a frontend available in the package "firewall-config" and a taskbar notification/status with "firewall-applet" that works in various desktop environments.
The docs can walk you or your users though the basics and more [1].

"gufw" + "ufw" while not designed for nftables also work with it thanks to iptables compatibility wrappers. The occasional bug was discussed on this list not long ago.

Both have the advantage of being packaged in Debian.

[1] https://firewalld.org/documentation/howto/

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