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Re: multilingual setup ...

On 2/26/2020 1:34 PM, Albretch Mueller wrote:
>  I have searched for a solution to a problem which apparently many
> people have, but all I find are problems while tryng to do it. I think
> there should be a straight forward way to do that:
>  Most of us are multilingual. I want to set up different users with
> different languages as default and then when I su into a shell as a
> particular user and start, say, libreofice, firefox and Eclipse as a
> certain user that would automatically change all Settings
>  How do you do this?

I install Debian with the 'C' local and build extra locales that are needed.
Then in the CLI I use the desired local using 'LANG' and LANGUAGE' in
the files mentioned in this thread. If you have a desktop environment
(gnome mate ...) you also need to install language package for eatch
language that you want to use in the DE, then set that language there as

John Doe

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