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Re: Connection closed by [IP] port [port] [preauth]

deloptes wrote:
> +1 :( and I am not using standard port 22, so they scanned all 30000 ports
> and found out what is open (well filtered) and now are trying to do brute
> force on SSH. Others are trying to exploit apache/php & Co.

I'm using portsentry against this:

Let it sniff on some unused ports, like 445, 69, 8181, 5353, or 22. :-)


But beware to have a whitelisted IP address active. I locked myslef out,
after switching to a different computer, like fresh a installed Linux. :-)

Klaus Singvogel
GnuPG-Key-ID: 1024R/5068792D  1994-06-27

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