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Re: Revised description of a FOSS friendly PDA

On 02/15/2020 08:44 AM, Dan Purgert wrote:
On Feb 13, 2020, Richard Owlett wrote:
On 02/11/2020 10:09 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
I wish to enter/store data while away from home. The data will then be
transferred to my laptop via a USB cable. [Think the capability of one
of the old Palm Pilots in a smartphone(sic) form factor]

"Palm Pilot" was the not best visualization.
A better image would be the pocket protector full of 3x5 cards a fellow
engineering student used in the early 60's. He had it organized for quick
retrieval of notes on a specific topic.

What I could envision using would be Debian with a minimal MATE
Desktop and a single custom Tcl/Tk app. The bottom of the screen would
have a 4x15 character array emulating a QWERTY keyboard for input of
arbitrary alphanumeric data. Display of "retrieved data" or "data
being entered" would be handled by the Tcl/Tk app.

I am probably way off the mark (and I apologize if I missed a "no"
answer to this) - but what about something like the "SDA" project[1]?

Many similarities.

It's not Debian (or Linux at all), but it seems to tick the boxes you
were looking for between the original post and this clarification.  It's
also apparently a hobby project -- but then again, wasn't Linux a hobby
project in the early 1990s?

I just found

Data sheet at

Just brewed a mug of coffee. Time to drool over data sheet ;}!
Then I'll chase down links from article you referenced.

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