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Cross debootstrap without root rights

Hi Debian users,

I'd like to run the second stage of debootstrap without root rights,
but for another architecture (host is x86_64 and target is arm64).

I know how to do all that with root rights (i.e qemu-aarch64-static works perfectly here,
also, I can recommend using qemu-debootstrap), but I can't figure out a way how to do
that without root rights.

I was expecting that fakechroot and fakeroot will do the necessary "magic"
to make chroot work for my use-case, but that's not the case (I need to have libfakeroot.so
and libfakechroot.so in the target rootfs, but I could not find a reliable way to get them in).

I found some emails in the archives about similar use cases (from ~10 years ago).
But I failed to identify the solution in those cases.

Therefore I'd like to ask if anyone has a solution for my use case or some hints/pointers.


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