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Re: Laptop: External monitor, keyboard, and mouse "disabled" -- how re-enable without rebooting?

On 8/2/20 4:02 am, Ralph Katz wrote:
On 2/7/20 2:00 AM, David Christensen wrote:

I have found that if I close the lid on the laptop, with or without an
external monitor or KVM connected, I am unable to get the display
working again without a reboot.

I had a similar problem with a Thinkpad E460, I had to reboot every so often when it resumed because the screen was blank.

I found out it was just turning the brightness down! for some reason and I could fix it with the function hot keys (just turning up the brightness). Annoying but livable. Seems have gone away with an update to something.

Another thing that helped me find the problem was enabling sshd on the laptop and poking around remotely in the logs when it was blank but working.

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