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Re: identity confusion

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*Subject: *  Re: identity confusion
*From: *     The Wanderer <wanderer@fastmail.fm>
*To: *         Debian-user <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
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*Date: *      2020-1-24  01:19 PM
I've just re-checked the raw message, and although I could have sworn
I'd seen a plain-text version of the message included (at the bottom,
after the HTML version), I'm not seeing it now; I just see the HTML
block. So unless something has magically modified this on my end but
still displays it the same way, I may have mis-reported initially.

You probably looked at the source of my first post. I have my mailer (Thunderbird) set up to send e-mail by default as text, but if I reply to an e-mail that is html, thunderbird will reply as html. For some reason thunderbird thought that his e-mail needed to be replied to as html.

Realizing that this list was not set as text ( I thought I had already done that), I set this list as as text, and did a test reply to the same e-mail post, [but sent it to myself (with my user {address book entry} set as text) ], and it sent as text. Then I replied to his second e-mail post, and it sent as text.

Now if someone posts to the list with html, and I reply to it, it will probably go out as html unless I catch it, and change it, before it goes out. There is another switch in thunderbird for that, but if that is switched, it will let out the insert picture bug. And I don't want to let out the insert picture bug. :-)

Wayne Sallee

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