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Re: Raspberry Pi with Debian and LUKS

OK on the serial console I'am ask for passphrase.
I found this:

as I understand is only the last console is able to read input.

Is the a workaround for input passphrase in serial and tty0 without
change the console order in cmdline.txt ?

On 30.10.19 19:44, basti wrote:
> Hello,
> I try to setup Raspberry Pi with Debian and LUKS.
> Pi and Debian works well with this Image
> (https://wiki.debian.org/RaspberryPiImages). Many thanks to gunar wolf.
> When I try to setup luks the next boot hangs on device-mapper.
> what I have done:
> - do not expand the rootfs and create a 3rd partition
> - setup luks on 3rd partition and edit cryptfs
> - update initramfs included crptsetup, lvm, busybox, dm_crypt, dm_mod
> - reboot
> I'm not ask for passphrase. Boot hangs on "device-mapper"
> Alt-Ctrl-Del does nothink.
> I don't know how I can start busybox for debuging in this state.

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