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Re: KISS gpg

Nicolas George wrote:

> Is there somewhere in Debian a KISS version of GnuPG or something
> compatible?
> The current default version of GnuPG, since 2015, necessarily uses a
> client-server agent to access the private keys. While it is convenient
> and secure for everyday use, but for some tasks, the efforts it makes to
> protect my files from myself prevent me from doing the tasks I want.

the agent was always there - better do a proper setup and btw. what does it
have to do with your files

> As a short-term solution, does anyone know how to add a pass phrase to a
> private key while exporting it, without changing it on the storage?


Finally you have to enter a password (actually passphrase would be more
appropriate, since blanks are allowed). This password is used to be able to
use the functionality which belongs to your secret key.


Protecting your private key

To help safeguard your key, GnuPG does not store your raw private key on
disk. Instead it encrypts it using a symmetric encryption algorithm. That
is why you need a passphrase to access the key. Thus there are two barriers
an attacker must cross to access your private key: (1) he must actually
acquire the key, and (2) he must get past the encryption.

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