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Re: failed upgrade to Buster

On Mon Oct 28 11:19:13 2019 Tony van der Hoff <tony@vanderhoff.org> wrote:

> I've just attempted to upgrade from Jessie to buster. All went well
> until the dist-upgrade stage, when it ran out of space in my /usr
> partition. which has 14G allocated. 1.4G of this appears to be the
> doc/ folder, which seems excessive. It has, for instance all the
> language  files, whereas I only require en-GB.
> Can anyone please advise on how to get rid of this chaff?

I recently updated a machine from Jessie to Buster (although I did it
in two steps, Jessie -> stretch -> buster).  I too ran out of space
in /usr.  My 500GB disk has two partitions: one for /home and the
other for everything else.  Rather than fight with things any longer
than I already was (nVidia driver problems), I just used gparted to
shave 10GB off my /home partition and give it to /, enlarging it
from 10GB to 20GB.  Problem solved.

cgibbs@surfnaked.ca (Charlie Gibbs)

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