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Re: confused, seems to be my normal state

On Mi, 18 sep 19, 12:20:43, Gene Heskett wrote:
> It is, and the makers lie a lot, taking advantage of the buffering to get 
> thier 100 MBs rating for small writes. For gigabyte transfers I often 
> see sub 20 MB/S toward the end. But you may want to steer clear of the 
> 64GB+ cards, exfat is creeping into the sdhc arena, and I either have a 
> defective NEW PNY 64GB, or this stretch install can't touch it because 
> its exfat.  I bought 2 recently, same exact part number, slightly 
> different card gfx, the 85 meg rated one doesn't mention exfat, works, 
> the 100 MB/S rated one mentions exfat and is untouchable.

exFAT is just a filesystem, the standard partitioning/formating tools 
will be able to replace it without issue if the hardware works.

Your issues are more likely to be hardware related.

Do make sure you are using a recent enough card reader for the capacity 
of the cards and it's also properly connected / powered (i.e. not 
through your defective USB hub you discovered at some point).

Of course, the card itself may just be defective ;)

Kind regards,

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