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Re: [OT] replacement for SystemRescueCD

On Thu Oct 24 13:48:19 2019 Greg Wooledge <wooledg@eeg.ccf.org> wrote:

>> >>> Even though in some situations "guys" is claimed to be a
>> >>> gender-neutral word, I doubt that everyone thinks of themselves
>> >>> as a "guy". And it will be polite to those people to not make
>> >>> them choose between doing that or feeling excluded.
> [...]
>> This should be on the wiki and on the guidelines for the Debian's
>> mailing list.
>> For non-native English speakers those subtlety are hard to
>> comprehend! :)
> There's no consensus for how to handle gender neutrality, even among
> native speakers.  The English language isn't built for it.  Every
> single approach is wrong, so basically you have to choose which
> wrongness you can tolerate.
> "It" is considered offensive, because it implies that the antecedent
> is not a person.
> "They" is grammatically horrible because it's clearly a plural
> pronoun, not a singular pronoun.
> "He/She" or "him/her" is just clumsy and awkward.
> "Sie" or "xie" or similar German-derived words just sound ridiculous
> and made-up, at least to those of us who don't speak German.
> Just try to do the best you can.  Nobody has any good answers yet.

Back when all this Political Correctness silliness was getting started,
someone suggested "s/h/it".

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