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Re: Unnecessary packages?

On Fri, 25 Oct 2019 15:21:18 +0000
"J.Arun Mani" <J.ArunMani@protonmail.com> wrote:

> Hi.
> I recently installed Debain Buster GNOME Edition. I found a
> lot of apps which are rarely used by me.
> 1. Fcitx, Fcitx config - I don't what these apps do and they aren't
> even launching. 2. Anthy Dictionary - No use.
> 3. Cheese, Sound Recorder - My laptop doesn't have a camera or
> mic(:[). 4. Evolution, Thunderbird - I use Protonmail and they don't
> offer support for Linux Bridges. 5. HDate(*) - I'm not a Hebrew
> speaker. 6. XTerm - I'm good with GNOME Terminal.
> 7. Thai X Terminal(*) - I don't speak Thai.
> 8. Multilingual Terminal(*) - No no.
> 9. Mozc Setup - What's it?
> 10. Games - ...
> I feel that though, apps excluding the starred ones might have a use,
> but really 5, 7, 8 are not generally used apps. It is used by a
> particular community and not by all! My question is "Is there a valid
> reason why Debian includes these (5, 7, 8) packages by default?" And
> will uninstalling them (all apps mentioned above) cause any trouble?
> Thanks for your patience ^^
> J Arun Mani

Gnome desktop is a metapackage. Which simply means it installs various
other packages. Metapackages are built for convenience to install
things like desktop environments or linux kernel. If you remove those
then you might remove other dependencies or the whole desktop.
Definitely you wont be able to update the desktop.

Easy solution if disk space is not an issue is to leave it alone.

Difficult solution is to built your own metapackage that includes only
the programs you need as described here

Nektarios Katakis.

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