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Unnecessary packages?


I recently installed Debain Buster GNOME Edition. I found a
lot of apps which are rarely used by me.
1. Fcitx, Fcitx config - I don't what these apps do and they aren't even launching.
2. Anthy Dictionary - No use.
3. Cheese, Sound Recorder - My laptop doesn't have a camera or mic(:[).
4. Evolution, Thunderbird - I use Protonmail and they don't offer support for Linux Bridges.
5. HDate(*) - I'm not a Hebrew speaker.
6. XTerm - I'm good with GNOME Terminal.
7. Thai X Terminal(*) - I don't speak Thai.
8. Multilingual Terminal(*) - No no.
9. Mozc Setup - What's it?
10. Games - ...

I feel that though, apps excluding the starred ones might have a use, but really 5, 7, 8 are
not generally used apps. It is used by a particular community and not by all! My question is
"Is there a valid reason why Debian includes these (5, 7, 8) packages by default?" And will uninstalling
them (all apps mentioned above) cause any trouble?

Thanks for your patience ^^
J Arun Mani

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