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Re: OT Linux on Android mailing / discussion lists

Paul Sutton wrote: 
> As I am aware this is off topic, (unless we can install Debian)are
> there any recommended mailing lists / forums for installing Linux on
> Android tablets please?  Asking here as I may get a useful answer to
> signpost me to somewhere useful.
> We have an old Storage Options scroll Excel II tablet which we would
> like to see if we can install Linux on to.
> I will ask on the specific mailing list,  however this device does
> have a chipset boxchip a10 (ARM) processor so it may be possible to
> install debian on.

I don't know about your specific machine, but in general Android
devices have lots of unfree device drivers which impede porting 
Debian directly.

It may be useful to you to install the Android package Termux:

which is a Debian-like userspace running on your existing

The general approach is discussed here:

There's also "Debian-noroot" which is similar to termux but more
focussed on X11 apps.

I hope that's helpful.


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