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Re: Email based attack on University

On 9/10/19 1:42 am, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
Now to make that info useful. I have back-up disks mount noexec and then
unmount as part of the script. BUT I've had a couple of instances of the
back landing in the mount point for some reason. If the script is on the
disk, it can only run if the disk mounts, surely. So now is the time to
check it all out
Yes that sounds correct: if the mount didn't happen, the script isn't
there, so it won't run.

Almost all going well.   Thanks Jonathan.

I have an issue trying to run an alias. I get 'alias' not found error. So I sym-linked my .bashrc into /root. Same result.

If I su, get # prompt and 'alias' works. Typing alias gets list as expected. exit. Try su -c and same results. exit.

su -c "alias" - not found.

So where do I put .bashrc for a su - "alias" to work, please.

Should I have started a new topic?

Keith Bainbridge

+61 (0)447 667 468

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