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Re: Firefox in SID

On 10/11/19, Marek Mosiewicz <marek.mosiewicz@jotel.com.pl> wrote:
> For long time problem for me was fonts hinting. I'm not sure if it is
> optimal, but for me selecting TrueType fonts in
> dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config
> makes correct font hinting, both in Gnome Desktop and Chromium
> browser.
> Firefox is however lacking. Currently Debian uses Firefox ESR. Firefox
> from Buster has copy of freetype library in modules/freetype2 dir. This
> is freetype 2.9 version .
> As stated here https://www.freetype.org/ version 2.10.1 correct
> TrueType hinting.
> Current Firefox from Mozilla already uses this most current freetype
> version.
> Does SID Firefox version helps with font rendering ?

Don't know the answer to this question.
Anyway, if for 'SID' you mean debian-sid/unstable, I don't think that
your best option is to move to that branch of debian (just to solve
the firefox+fonts issue).
Try simply downloading the last version of firefox-stable [1]
(.tar.bz2 file) in a convenient local folder, uncompress it, and
execute the 'firefox' file/binary.
That should work just fine, I guess.

[1] https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/

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