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Re: how to get odbc working for connection to mariadb in debian buster

John Covici, on 2019-10-08:
>                               There seems to be no package in the
> repository and when I tried to build the source package downloaded
> from mariadb itself, it looks for include files in the wrong places,
> such as /usr/include/mysql.h .  What packages do I need for this to
> work properly?

As of the build question initially present, the source package
mariadb-connector-odbc build-depends on libmariadb-dev, but the
documentation of the source code provided directly from MariaDB,
in the file BUILD.md, mentions unixodbc-dev, but misses the
necessary libmariadb-dev.  Maybe this was your missing bit ?

The header landed in /usr/include/mariadb/{,server/}mysql.h
though; but using the DSC package, the build went quite well.

Kind Regards,  :)
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