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Re: how to get odbc working for connection to mariadb in debian buster

On 08/10/2019 16.56, John Covici wrote:
> Hi.  I am having a terrible time trying to get a package to connect to
> mariadb using Debian buster.  There seems to be no package in the
> repository and when I tried to build the source package downloaded
> from mariadb itself, it looks for include files in the wrong places,
> such as /usr/include/mysql.h .  What packages do I need for this to
> work properly?    I have unixodbc and its development files along with
> the obcinst packages, but no driver for the database.
> Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi John,

This might be a blind shot, but have you tried to install the
package odbc-mariadb, which appears with this "apt search"

	$ apt search odbc mariadb
	Sorting... Done
	Full Text Search... Done
	[... a few packages ...]
	odbc-mariadb/unstable 3.1.1-1 i386
	  ODBC driver for MariaDB

It looks like a good candidate as an ODBC driver for MariaDB.

Note that I am running Sid, so your output may differ if you are
running Stable.

Kind Regards,  :)
Étienne Mollier <etienne.mollier@mailoo.org>
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