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Re: fixing up an armhf screwup

On Tuesday 08 October 2019 10:31:24 Dan Ritter wrote:

> Gene Heskett wrote:
> > I had, in a failed attempt to install what was supposed to be a
> > fully preemptable kernel on a pi3 that turned out to be a low-latncy
> > desktop and truly horrible latency's. accidently filled up the /boot
> > partition on the pi3's u-sd card, and my cleanups were a little
> > enthusiastic, nuking the fixup* stuff too.
> >
> > So since I have that .iso here, how do I mount it to copy those 5 or
> > so files out of it and back to this card?  I've not used the -oloop
> > option in a decade and have long since forgot how.
> mkdir mountplace
> sudo mount foobar.iso mountplace
> cp mountplace/path/to/files .
> sudo umount mountplace
> -dsr-

Thanks Dan, I appreciate it.  Then I found I hadn't deleted them, and 
spent 30 minutes trying to see why it didn't boot past one short green 
flash of the led, or if I started from powerdown, 3 short flashes, a 
much longer one, pause 3 or so seconds dark and repeat forever, or until 
I killed the power again. Finally gave up and loaded the card with 
raspian buster 10.1, made the network work, and updated it.  But it 
looks like wayland has bombed on me again: Trying to build linuxcnc with 
this ./configure --with-realtime-uspace, configure bails because theres 
no glib to be found. from its src directory:
checking for module installation directory... configuring for 
checking for glib... configure: error: no -- required until somebody 
makes glib optional
-----------end of screen snip------------

so I'll have to start all over with the latest stretch. And I've already 
been to this rodeo, with a late enough fully-preemptable kernel, I've 
found that glxgears can make 60 fps full screen, and that will run my 
app like gangbusters.

Wayland, spit.  Its made a 30+ yo program first developed by NIST at 
least 30 yo, unusable. No backwards compatibility...

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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