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Re: fixing up an armhf screwup

Gene Heskett wrote: 
> I had, in a failed attempt to install what was supposed to be a fully 
> preemptable kernel on a pi3 that turned out to be a low-latncy desktop 
> and truly horrible latency's. accidently filled up the /boot partition 
> on the pi3's u-sd card, and my cleanups were a little enthusiastic, 
> nuking the fixup* stuff too.
> So since I have that .iso here, how do I mount it to copy those 5 or so 
> files out of it and back to this card?  I've not used the -oloop option 
> in a decade and have long since forgot how.

mkdir mountplace
sudo mount foobar.iso mountplace
cp mountplace/path/to/files .
sudo umount mountplace


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