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Re: Default Debian install harassed me

On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 4:41 PM Jonathan Dowland
<jon+debian-user@dow.land> wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 07, 2019 at 03:46:53AM +0300, goleo . wrote:
> >Liar, you are the one being abusive. I am being rude for a right reason.
> Presumably you posted to debian-user@ in the hope of getting help.
> With this attitude I can assure you help will be in short supply.

I posted to publicly state that Debian developers are assholes, but
now I see that Debian users are assholes too (just like religious cult
of Theo de Raadt which we know as OpenBSD).

The problem I describe is not a concrete package issue, it is the
concrete package manager issue, only frauds would make it work
like this.

I helped myself by installing Manjaro Linux, it offers:
- full control out of the box;
- unlike Arch Linux it has cgo, I can reuse C in Go;
- user-friendly packages names;
- no division of "free" and "non-free" (open source is crap anyway);
- drivers are preconfigured perfectly;
- unlike Debian and Ubuntu it doesn't lag;
- doesn't force me to be system administrator, I concentrate on
  real problems, not the ones made up by retards developing

The only reason I prefer Linux over Windows is because I have
less painful development environment, it doesn't discriminate C
programmers, but after 4 years of tinkering Arch Linux, Void Linux,
Parabola Linux, OpenBSD, DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD
I can say this: open source sucks, but Debian fucks!!!

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