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Re: Package conflict apcupsd and nut-client

On Fri, 4 Oct 2019, Sebastian Hofmann wrote:

I'm not sure if I get your idea completly right, but first I got only one UPS

Sorry, my mistake - I assumed wrongly that you had a mixed APC non-APC setup.

and second isn't the driver from nut I posted in my first mail already made to use both on one computer?

My understanding from the NUT hardware compatibility list [1] is that NUT does not use APC's driver directly. NUT uses its solis, apcsmart, usbhid-ups, genericups and snmp-ups drivers for APC UPS's. Maybe there is shared code - you would have to ask an expert.

The way I understood the manual is that I could use nut for all devices and put apcupsd with this driver additionally on the computer directly connected to the UPS. I guess apcupsd would only serve as access to the UPS while nut controlls the system shutdown and information distribution. Would they really interfere?

Is this your intention:

 UPS -> apcupsd -> NUT upsd -> upsmon -> upssched -> upssched-cmd/apccontrol ?

The apcupsd daemon and the upsd daemon are not built to work like this. If you use NUT, it should be

 UPS -> solis/apcsmart/usbhid-ups/genericups/snmp-ups -> upsd -> ...


[1] https://networkupstools.org/stable-hcl.html

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