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Re: Package conflict apcupsd and nut-client

Am 04.10.2019 um 10:59 schrieb Roger Price:
> On Thu, 3 Oct 2019, Sebastian Hofmann wrote:
>> ... Therefore I want to use both packages at the same time, but
>> trying to install both results in a conflict between 'apcupsd' and
>> 'nut-client'. Both provide and conflict 'ups-monitor':
> This looks like a packaging problem, and an excessive use of the term
> 'ups-monitor'.  It might be better to report it in the nut mailing
> list [1] and in the apcupsd mailing list [2].
Thanks for the links, will definitely send a mail there as well.
> If you run the apcupsd and the NUT upsd daemons at the same time, you
> will have to unify the back-end to get a reliable system shutdown. 
> The apcupsd shell script apccontrol polls the daemon directly, but
> with NUT, an additional daemon upsmon polls the upsd daemon.  To unify
> NUT's upsmon with apccontrol, you will have to use upsmon to feed
> NUT's upssched and then use upssched to feed the shell script which in
> NUT is often known as upssched-cmd.  Maybe you could substitute an
> enhanced apccontrol for upssched-cmd and thus pick up all the events.
>   UPS1 -> apcupsd -> apccontrol
>   UPS2 -> upsd -> upsmon -> upssched -> apccontrol
I'm not sure if I get your idea completly right, but first I got only
one UPS and second isn't the driver from nut I posted in my first mail
already made to use both on one computer?

The way I understood the manual is that I could use nut for all devices
and put apcupsd with this driver additionally on the computer directly
connected to the UPS. I guess apcupsd would only serve as access to the
UPS while nut controlls the system shutdown and information
distribution. Would they really interfere?

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