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Re: Package conflict apcupsd and nut-client

On Thu, 3 Oct 2019 23:59:36 +0200
Sebastian Hofmann <debian@kaemmelot.de> wrote:

> I gave it a try and it did just fine for multiple devices.

I take it that by "it" you mean apcupsd.

> Problem is
> that there is at least one NAS I would like to connect which has only
> support for nut. Since all devices support nut, I hoped I could give
> nut a go.

You didn't tell us that earlier. That changes things.

> If it's not possible to install both packages at the same time, I
> would need to leave the NAS without any shutdown or buy the expensive
> network management card from APC (that seems to be supported by nut
> without apcupsd).

Well, it may not be possible to install both packages at the same
time *on the same computer*, but that doesn't mean you can't run them
both on the same network.

Try setting up one machine to run NUT and its apcupsd-ups driver, and
have the NAS box pay attention to that machine. Then set up another
machine with apcupsd to ride herd on the UPS, and have it treat the
first one as a networked client.

Or just run NUT on everything.

Does anybody read signatures any more?


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