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Re: Email based attack on University

On Thursday, October 03, 2019 09:03:57 AM Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Thursday 03 October 2019 08:05:27 rhkramer@gmail.com wrote:
> > (I'm still using Wheezy with kmail 1.13.7 as my daily driver.)
> Wow!  Thats newer than mine, but I'm running TDE.  But the emphasis on
> progress for TDE has been on fixing KDE's bugs.  And TDE is generally
> stable, but kmail is 1.9.10.  Whats been added since?  Is it usefull?

I can't answer your questions -- I don't really remember what might have been 
added in Wheezy / kmail 1.13.7 vs. whatever previous version I used.

I may have to switch to TDE / 1.9.10 as it seems mbox is being deprecated in 
the more up-to-date versions of kmail, and there are reasons why I want / have 
to continue to use mbox.

I guess other alternatives are finding (or making?) an appimage or similar of 
kmail 1.13.7 (or the latest version of kmail in which mbox is still fully 
supported), or switching to some other (preferably GUI style) mail client that 
continues to support mbox (I think thunderbird might fit that category).

Have a good day!

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