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Re: USB flash drive opens read only -- how to fix?

On Thu, Oct 03, 2019 at 07:30:19AM +0200, Pascal Hambourg wrote:


> On the contrary. The usb-storage module has a parameter "quirks"
> which allows to ignore the write-protect flag for a specific vid:pid
> device (I do not remember the exact syntax). I was afraid that it
> could be used to by-pass the write-protect switch so I tested it
> with my only flash drive with a write-protect switch on. Although
> the kernel considered the drive as writable, any write attempt
> resulted to an error.

Ah, that's interesting... now one could imagine a bug in the flash
drive "OS", where it says "no, you can't write me" but accepts and
performs write commands...

> It is my understanding that Tomas meant that the write-protect
> switch does not cut the transmission of the electrical write signal
> to the flash memory chips and that the USB mass storage protocol
> also includes rejecting write commands, not only advertising the
> write-only flag.

Thanks, you put my (as usual) babblings into actually intelligible
words :-)

-- tomás

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