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Re: Message threading.

On Wed 02 Oct 2019 at 23:14:05 (+0200), Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> peter@easthope.ca wrote:
> > Suppose you read a message in the Web based archive and it is no
> > longer in your mailer.  Either you weren't subscribed when the message
> > was sent or you were subscribed but have deleted the message. Using
> > tools available, in Debian or otherwise, can you reply with correct
> > threading?
> Well, besides the aspect of software availablilty, it is a a matter of
> knowing the message id of the mail to which you want to refer.
> Then you have to put it into a "In-Reply-To:" header or a "References:"
> header.
> The message ids are providently shown in the debian-user archive.
> See
>   https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2019/10/msg00127.html
>   Message-id: <[?] [🔎] E1iFl97-0002sw-8y@joule.invalid>
> The string "[?] " is an artifact of copy+paste between web browser and
> text editor. Your reply's headers should look like:
>   References: <[🔎] E1iFl97-0002sw-8y@joule.invalid>
>   In-Reply-To: <[🔎] E1iFl97-0002sw-8y@joule.invalid>
> "References:" can take multiple ids separated by blanks and optional
> newlines. Kindof a thread branch history.
> Like:
>   References: <[🔎] E1iFYNs-0000eT-Eo@enotuniq.net>
>    <[🔎] E1iFjk3-0002Hf-FQ@joule.invalid>
> "In-Reply-To:" can take only one id.
> Now it depends on your mail client whether you can talk it into accepting
> one or both of these header lines, ot the message id so that it composes
> own reply headers.

I thought we just flogged this topic to death here at the end of July.
We discussed the conversion by the Oberon emailer of the Unicode
"RIGHT-POINTING MAGNIFYING GLASS" characters into NULs embedded
in the posts, how IMAP and MUAs react to them, why these characters
appear on the Debian archive pages, how References and In-Reply-To
work in threading, the usual fallacy that these field names are
case-sensitive (they're not), and so on. Following this, the OP
managed to send correctly threaded posts—see for example

But when the solution is manual, lengthy and tedious (copy/pasting
the in-reply-to and references fields into the reply's composition
editor and then deleting the extraneous magnifying glasses), it's
difficult to apply it every time and get it just right.

FWIW I've never set up my browser to be able to reply to postings
through the mailto: buttons at the end of each message, so I can't
help the OP with that suggestion, particular when using the Oberon
OS, which I've never seen.


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