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Re: Flatpak or repository apps

On Fri 12/Jul/2019 13:27:08 +0200 Reco wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 09:33:44AM +0300, Georgios wrote:
>> Hi there!
>> Based on security and stability i was wondering what is more preferable?
>> Installing apps through flatpak or through debian repositories?
> I trust Debian at packaging software, correcting obvious software
> defects in the process, and supporting the unchanged behaviour of the
> software during the lifecycle of the stable release while providing the
> bugfixes.

We all trust Debian.  However, some packages are maintained better
than others.  Georgios mentions libreoffice as a candidate for
flatpak.  Since they produce .deb's as well, it is probably better to
install that.  You get LibreOffice 6.2 rather than stock 1:6.1.5-3 on
Buster.  LibreOffice signals the presence of new versions when you run
it, so you can upgrade on occasion, as you would do under Windows.

If LibreOffice only maintained a flatpak, then the merit would lay in
the packaging system.  Flatpak doesn't seem to be so widely generic as
GNU autotools.  It makes a few harsh categorizations, mainly about
graphics, and assumes the rest is the same on all Linux distributions.
 Neither flatpak nor autotools integrate with Debian package
management.  Pro and cons?


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