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Re: please stop breaking threads (was: Problem Installing DiscoveryStudio2019 in Buster

On Ma, 09 iul 19, 16:53:40, Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
> On 9 de julho de 2019 11:36, bw wrote:
> > I would subscribe, but there is a lot of (pointless) mail and I have 
> > limited bandwidth.  Until broadband is lower than my electric bill I am stuck with 
> > 500MB per month.
> Any decent mail client should be able to download only metadata for 
> messages (subject, etc), which is minimal amounts of data, and only 
> fetching the actual bodies of the ones you want.
That sounds very much like IMAP, which I'm using as well with 
imapfilter, neomutt and a GMX account dedicated to receiving list e-mail 
only (virtually spam-free, knock on wood).

Gmail also offers IMAP, but their... unique implementation requires 
special handling in neo/mutt.

Kind regards,

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