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Re: Check your signing key expiration dates!

* On 2019 08 Jul 04:01 -0500, Brad Rogers wrote:
> Just updated it here, and there were changes, 16 signatures cleaned, but
> nothing other than that.  However, I know the last key refresh I did was
> a few months ago.  With the DoS attack, I'm not likely to be refreshing
> keys wholesale any more, even with "keyserver-options import-clean" in
> my gpg.conf.

I may just be pedant here, but I found the current manual page for gpg
in Buster shows that 'import-clean' is a value for the 'import-options'
key.  I had it paired with the 'keyserver-options' and it seemed to work
there too.

For updates I am now using the parcimonie package to update keys over
TOR.  It's an interesting thing.

- Nate


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