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Re: Problem Installing DiscoveryStudio2019 in Buster

Le 08/07/2019 à 20:40, Stephen P. Molnar a écrit :
> I have just installed Buster and have encountereda  a problem
> attempting the installation of biovia_2019_.ds2019client.bin:
> comp@AbNormal:~/Downloads/DiscoveryStudio$ ./biovia_2019.ds2019client.bin
> Verifying archive integrity...  100%   All good.
> Uncompressing 'DS Client and extracting files, please wait ......' 100%
> ./install_DSClient.sh: 49: ./install_DSClient.sh: [[: not found
> ./install_DSClient.sh: 70: ./install_DSClient.sh: Syntax error:
> redirection unexpected
> Press Return to close this window...
> And not too surprising, Press Return did close the window.
> Anyone have any ideas as to a solution?
> Thanks in advance.
[[ is a bash built-in not defined in dash.

It might be that the .bin file is a bash script presented as a sh one.

If file biovia_2019_.ds2019client.bin resturns "/bin/sh script" that
would be almost sure. In that case try

bash ./biovia_2019.ds2019client.bin to force bash interpreter

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