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Re: buster changes vim mouse behavior again...

On Lu, 08 iul 19, 08:48:15, Dave Sherohman wrote:
> Today I did a test install of buster, however, and found a new problem:
> It seems that buster's vim detects the middle-click and "helpfully" goes
> immediately into insert mode, meaning that ":set paste" and "O" are
> entered as part of the file contents rather than being processed as
> commands.

So far I haven't been able to make middle click reliably[1] paste into 
vim, but I attributed that to my unusual setup:

1. ssh from Chrome OS to a buster running screen.
2. Debian buster with LXDE on Crouton (basically a chroot under Chrome 

Same with neovim.

If you do figure out how it's supposed to work please do post on list.

[1] on rare occasions it does work, once. So far I was not able to find 
the pattern.

Kind regards,

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