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Re: armv7 vs buster problem #3

On Wednesday 03 July 2019 18:06:18 John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

> Hi Gene!
> On 7/3/19 10:42 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Just one of the things its taken over. Now we have a different
> > command to set the hostname too if you want it to stick over a
> > reboot.  Someone a couple weeks ago showed me how to do that for
> > hostname only. I've no clue how it does that because it can do it
> > even if /etc/hostname has been made immutable. In fact I'd call that
> > a major security breech.
> Could you move this discussion over to the debian-user mailing list?
> As already mentioned by Reco earlier, those questions aren't specific
> to ARM.
> As for systemd and related stuff, I would recommend reading through
> the documentation a bit which explains a lot of these things. I think
> you will make faster progress by understanding the concepts rather
> than asking for every single problem you are running into.
> Regarding why systemd has its own hostname command is simple: The
> original Unix hostname command doesn't set the hostname persistently
> (you had write the file yourself) and you had to reboot the machine to
> make sure the new hostname was propagated everywhere across the system
> (after writing the file) which is no longer the case with systemd
> where these changes are propagated using dbus which the old hostname
> command didn't support [1].
> The new systemd hostnamectl makes sure other processes are immediately
> notified if the hostname gets changed and I think that's something
> reasonable to expect. With the old approach, it could happen that
> after issuing the hostname command to rename the host, that some
> processes still saw the old hostname, so the system got into an
> inconsistent state.
> In most cases where systemd provides its own solution for a certain
> feature, there are actually pretty good technical reasons why that was
> done. In most cases, it was necessary because the old Unix version of
> a command was rather limited in functionality or had certain design
> problems.
> Adrian
> > [1]
> > https://blog.fpmurphy.com/2014/10/revisiting-the-systemd-d-bus-inter
> >face.html

I read/scanned thru this 2 or 3 times without finding any clues to fix 
what ails this install, I suspect from the dates of that thread, its 5+ 
years too old.

But it does give me hope that there are good answers out there, 

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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