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Re: How to have password shown?

For the use his old father might do with a computer I think that cheap board could do.
Plus, it's used by babies can be used by everyone.
Plus, it's ready out of the box for the use it's meant.
Plus can be customized for his father use like a tailored tuxedo (better in some ways than a computer they are probably sharing).

Renato Gallo 

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Renato Gallo (12019-07-03):
> Raspberry pi's Raspbian has X without password by default.
> The new board raspberry 4 is out with 4 gigs and a better cpu (I have preordered it for around 60 € from melopero shop).
> Might be a nice solution for the old father.

Are you really suggesting buying complete new hardware to solve a minor
software configuration issue?


  Nicolas George

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