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Re: 70-persistent-net-rules no longer supported?

On 2019-07-03, Stephan Seitz <stse+debian@fsing.rootsland.net> wrote:
>>Following Curt's suggestion I removed the relevant module and rebooted.
>>'ip a' shows eth0. The advice in the Release Notes
> You probably meant that you removed the line?
> I noticed that since Debian 9 this file is added to the initrd. So if you
> change or delete the file you have to rebuild the initrd before
> rebooting.

I was wondering about this, too. 

Michael Biebl bug reproduction test did not involve a reboot
('udevadm trigger --action=add' regenerates, sources, or
re-reads---I don't know the correct term--the rule in

So with a rule in that file he unloaded and reloaded his network module
(and all was good, the interface adopting the custom name defined in
the file). Then he ran

 udevadm trigger --action=add

reproducing the bug (interface renamed to a default name though 
a custom name was set in '70-persistent-net.rules').

> Shade and sweet water!
> 	Stephan

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