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Re: Output from apt-get update.

    From: Francisco M Neto <fmneto@fmneto.com.br>
    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2019 07:27:28 -0300
> It's also worth checking if there's anything under
> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

peter@dalton:/etc/apt$ ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*
ls: cannot access '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/*': No such file or directory

peter@imager:~$ ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*

With any luck, mythtv.list isn't involved in this conundrum.

The mainboard interface appears as eth0.
"ip link show" reports eth0 is up.
"ip addr show" reports an IPv6 address for eth0.  No IPv4 address.

ping to a neighbour reports 
  connect: network is unreachable
Is IPv6 the default now?  Shorewall configuration needs updating?

Online documentation still has numerous mentions of ifconfig.
https://wiki.debian.org/NetworkConfiguration is a prime example.

Here and there a remark that ip is the new tool replacing ifconfig and 
etc.  Difficult for a non-expert to decide when to use and old command 
and when a shiney new one.   8~(

Any further ideas?

Thanks,                        ... P.

Tel: +1 604 670 0140            Bcc: peter at easthope. ca

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