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Re: Choice of VMs under i386 Stretch?

Richard Owlett writes:

On 07/01/2019 01:43 PM, Linux-Fan wrote:
Richard Owlett writes:


I do not understand.

It was an attempt to give you a list of packages that may allow you to start
using VMs without further checks ...

That your answer was "a list of packages" is key to the communication

A restatement of my question might be:

I run the i386 version of Debian 9.8.
Using only contents of that set of installation DVDs, I wish to use a VM
host capable of running multiple VM guests. Although the guests will be
running in command line mode, the host should have a GUI.
What choice metapackages provide that function?

Thank you very much for the rephrasing -- the use of `host` and `guest`
aids the description very well.

TL;DR: There is (AFAICT) no metapackage satisfying your requirements.

* * *

The long version:

As far as I can tell, there is no Debian metapackage to install my preferred
virt-manager (GUI) + libvirt (backend) + KVM (hypervisor) setup:

	$ apt rdepends virt-manager
	Reverse Depends:
	  Depends: mdvl-virtualization

	$ aptitude show mdvl-virtualization
	Package: mdvl-virtualization
	Version: 1.0.0
	New: yes
	State: installed
	Automatically installed: yes
	Priority: optional
	Section: admin
	Maintainer: Linux-Fan <Ma_Sys.ma@web.de>
	Architecture: all
	Uncompressed Size: 0
	Depends: virt-manager, qemu, qemu-kvm, libvirt-clients, libvirt0, libvirt-daemon,
	Description: MDVL Virtualization efforts
	 This metapackage installs common virtualization technology for MDVL, i.e. KVM and frontend.

For my local purposes, I have created my own metapackage (not in Debian...)
-- this is why I suggested a list of packages: I expect that installing all
of the packages yields the same result (except for automatically vs.
manually installed packages...) as if a metapackage were used. In case it is
of use to you, I can send you an e-mail with a copy of my metapackage
(it is about 4 KiB as per `du -sh`, but it does not do well for world-wide
publication because it is not Debian Policy compliant etc. thus not
uploaded/attached anywhere yet).


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