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Re: Choice of VMs under i386 Stretch?

Richard Owlett writes:


On 06/30/2019 10:44 AM, Linux-Fan wrote:
Matthew Crews writes:

On 6/30/19 5:34 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
> I'm considering using a VM for some experiments.
> Although my web searches have turned up articles about particular
> aspects of particular VMs, I've found no inventory of what VMs are
> available in Debian.
> My firm requirement is that all required software be in set of install
> DVDs for i386 Debian 9.8.
> What are my options?

Are you asking what virtual machine hosts are available on Debian?


Good :)


Did I *NOT* say:
...all required software be in set of install DVDs for i386 Debian 9.8.

I know you wrote that and I attempted to respond to that by the following by
giving a shortcut to a very likely working solution ( :) ):

----> If the DVDs contain all of the
repository, then these packages can be used to start with a
Libvirt/Virt-Manager/KVM setup (this is what I install on my systems):

virt-manager qemu qemu-kvm libvirt-clients libvirt0 libvirt-daemon libvirt-daemon-system

The frontend `virt-manager` can then be run to graphically manage VMs.
`virsh` can be used to manage them at the commandline.

I do not understand.

It was an attempt to give you a list of packages that may allow you to start
using VMs without further checks because they are likely to be on the DVDs
(I am still confident that they are and I still have not and will not check
it). If you are interested in finding out that/if all packages are on the
DVDs, use the search engine:


By this I found out that `virt-manager` is on DVD2. So part of my assumption
is right... it's probably easiest if you just try to install the packages?

If it is something else that is not understood in the paragraph I can try to
write it differently if wanted?

Btw. when reading what "VMs are available in Debian" I first thought the
question was about prebuilt images for virtual machines? ...

My *explicit* question is:
What 32 bit VMs which DO NOT depend on non-FOSS components are available for
32-bit Debian?

Not so explicit for me as non-native English speaker due to ambigous use of
word `VM`. `VM` is virtual machine but there are multiple things to
associate with it in this context:

* A `VM` as I commonly understand it on my local system is a hard disk
  image and some metadata allowing it to be run by means of a hypervisor.
  Prebuilt images can be downloaded separately and are not in Debian DVDs.
  This is not an issue for you since you have the DVDs and can ``create''
  your own VMs by using the installer inside an ``empty/new'' VM which most
  management softwares can create easily.

* As an alternative notion, a `VM` is just another server that happens to
  run on a hypervisor and I as the user do not care about what image it
  comes from...

* From the line with `*explicitly*` above I gather that you are asking
  for a software to manage VMs. It is rarely called a `VM` here although
  the linux kernel's hypervisor is called `KVM` for Kernel Virtual Machine.
  All the necessary software is probably available on Debian DVDs.
  If unsure, consult above mentioned URL and list of packages...

* (Other uses of the word may exist...)


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