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Re: IPv4 v IPv6

On Lu, 17 iun 19, 10:05:11, mick crane wrote:
> hello,
> I know nothing about IPv6.

Then you don't have any prejudices ;) (no, IPv6 doesn't break your 

> Can somebody point to a good explanation ?
> Without knowing anything about it I'm wondering if I should request an IPv6
> range from my ISP to use locally.

If it's free (cost) and you have the time to set it up properly.

> A network card have IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that are different, not the same
> address in different notation ?
> Then with firewalling do you need to specify both IPv4 and IPv6 ranges ?

Yes, as others have pointed out.

What I didn't see mentioned in this thread is that IPv6 does not 
need/use NAT. Some users rely on NAT in IPv4 as some sort of protection 
(it is not, you still need a firewall).

When properly configured[1] with IPv6 all devices on your home network 
supporting it will be directly accessible from the internet (by design).

Your firewall rules may need to be adjusted to account for this.

[1] depending on your ISP and/or modem you might not need to do anything 
at all with most recent OSes in their default configuration.

Kind regards,

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