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Re: config question re ff history etc

On Thu 09 May 2019 at 16:51:24 (-0000), Curt wrote:
> On 2019-05-09, Gene Heskett <gheskett@shentel.net> wrote:
> > Greetings all;
> >
> > I have a need to transfer all the prefs -"saved logins" from a wheezy 
> > install to a stretch install, separate drives.  And obviously the 
> > stretch firefox is about 20 versions newer. What file do I copy from the 
> > wheezy drive to the stretch drive so my bank knows its me?
> I believe you need the following *two* files:
>  key4.db 
>  logins.json

-rw------- 1  16384 Sep 10  2018 key3.db
-rw------- 1 294912 Sep 10  2018 key4.db
-rw------- 1     55 Aug 19  2015 logins.json

from the FF that I bank with. The amount of non-null information in
key4.db is around 1400 bytes, mainly consisting of small hex numbers
is sequential groups.

Taking a credit card site at random, I get the following matches:
Binary file .mozilla/firefox/…/content-prefs.sqlite matches
Binary file .mozilla/firefox/…/cookies.sqlite matches
Binary file .mozilla/firefox/…/favicons.sqlite matches
Binary file .mozilla/firefox/…/places.sqlite matches

The cookies file is stuffed full of INSERT INTO lines containing
probably all the sites I visit with that browser. (I save usernames
but not passwords.) IIRC it's cookies that prevent security questions
being asked all the time.

I think places is the file that contains history, along with bookmarks
and other stuff.

I don't believe I have a profile dating from wheezy so I don't know
if any of these files are compatible. However, I would guess their
compatibility rests more with the FF version than the Debian release,
so if you've kept wheezy reasonably up-to-date, I would just move
the whole profile and let FF sort it out (after backing it up).

By twenty versions, do you mean Debian upgrades or FF versions?
The version of FF on a recent snapshot of a wheezy dpkg -l shows
firefox-esr 52.8.0esr-1~deb7u1 and iceweasel 52.8.0esr-1~deb7u1
so I would think FF should manage the change for basics like
cookies, history, bookmarks etc, if not things like add-ons.


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