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Re: How to disable automatic mounting external USB devices

On 01/07/2019 11:52 AM, Ulf Volmer wrote:
On Mon, Jan 07, 2019 at 11:45:57AM -0600, Richard Owlett wrote:
On 01/07/2019 11:26 AM, deloptes wrote:
Do you have autofs installed? If yes - remove!

It's not installed. Man page says it is for "SysV init".
As I did not chose otherwise I assume I have a straight systemd system.

Then man page is wrong. autofs can be also used with systemd as pid 1.

But anyway, google (I'm not using MATE) told me, that

gsettings set org.mate.media-handling automount false

could disable media handling for MATE.

That did it. Thank you.
I will have some reading to do.

best regards

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