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Bug regarding audio in "stable" branch


Sorry to disturb you, but I have a problem regarding audio on Debian 9 stable :

- after booting and login in, the default source is not chosen ; therefore no sound is transmitted to the output (you can select again a proper audio source with the GNOME Sound GUI and it will work again afterwards); it is important to note that it does not happen after every boot)
- I do not know whether it can be linked to GNOME or any other package down to pulseaudio
- I do not know which details could be useful ; I would be happy to submit a much more detailed bug report as soon as I know how I can identify which package is responsible for this bug.

I planned to wait on having the faulty package identified before submitting my bug (via the reportbug command) with many more technical details, but feel free to tell me the right way to do it.

Best regards,


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