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Re: best way to correct (possibly) outdated information on wiki.debian.org

Il 30/12/18 16:23, Brian ha scritto:

There is probably no need for an example file now that #889668 is closed.
Incidentally - you opened the report, so you can close it; especially if
you think it will save someone some work.

Yes, that was my goal.

I sent the following text to 916733@bugs.debian.org

Control: close -1

The examples are probably not needed anymore, now that the files are installed by default under /lib/systemd (see bug #732054 and #889668).

I got this reply:
Failed to mark 916733 as done: The 'request_subject' parameter (undef) to Debbugs::Control::set_done was an 'undef', which is not one of the allowed types: scalar
(the text has been recorded, however)

Should I write to 916733-done@bugs.debian.org, perhaps?

    Not needed on buster because......
would look to fit the bill.

Noted, thanks.

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